Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

I wanted to use this comic and this time to give a big, gracious thank you to all of our family and friends for their practical baby gifts! We are so extremely lucky to have had such great people in our lives. We are yet to have to buy a package of diapers on our own (well, I take that back, I think we may have had to buy one pack of newborn size since our lil peanut fit in those for so long...), but not having to buy any diapers for 5 months now? I'd say that's pretty great. We have a whole closet full still left too, up to size 4's, so I think we'll be good for awhile, seeing that we haven't even moved up to 2's yet, but probably will soon. Also, since starting to supplement with formula, we've yet to have to buy any. We've only gone through one container so far, and we still have 3 containers in the cabinet, along with the Similac to-go packs for road trips or going out. Friends at work got free samples of it and don't use it, so they passed it on to us, and our sister-in-law sent a few containers they don't use either, so it's been wonderful. We think of all the money we're saving because of having such great people in our lives, and it makes us very happy... although the money is all just going toward daycare now instead...

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