Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Dr. Phil!

Today, Dr. Phil's show made me cry.

No, not because it was a "changing day in someones life...", and he yelled at people to change or something... but because he had his son Jay, daughter-in-law Erica, and their baby, his granddaughter, Avery, on the show celebrating her first birthday. Hearing the interview of Jay and Erica talk about all the up's and down's of the first year, how fast it flies by, and how much you need to cherish it... I found myself squeezing Alli a little tighter while I was feeding her watching the show. I can't believe almost half a year has gone by already... where has the time gone? Dr. Phil was funny though, saying to his son, "Well you sure didn't think time was flying when she was teething, etc...". I'm sure that will be coming soon for us, and I can't say I'm excited, but in a way, I am. Just to see her reach another milestone will probably bring tears to my eyes, again.

Here's just a quote from Dr. Phil's website about his granddaughter and her 1st birthday...

 "It’s hard to believe an entire year has gone by since that little girl came into this world and just stole my heart. Yeah, and my friends are still shaking their heads and asking what’s happened to me! HA! I admit it, she’s got me wrapped around her finger like never before. I remember Robin telling me when Avery was born, “Honey, you are going to walk around with your heart in your hands.” And, boy, was she right. But it’s not just Avery’s cuteness and blooming personality that gets to me. There is something so moving and captivating about watching her get excited over the littlest of things, like a new stuffed toy or pulling on my mustache! If it sounds like I’m smiling as I write this, it’s because I am. We couldn’t be prouder of the parents Jay and Erica have become; watching them together is like seeing the world again through a brand-new set of eyes."

And, on the show, Erica, who is an identical triplet, had her sisters and their babies on the show as well. They all three had little girls within weeks of one another. Pretty crazy! Jay & Erica also announced that they are 4 months pregnant too! I love it. Maybe we'll get working on that second one soon??

the triplets with their girls...

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