Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring forward...

With daylight savings/time change occurring this weekend, I definitely thought Alli's sleep schedule would be screwed up... but thank goodness, it really didn't effect her much! She is still consistently (for over 2 weeks now I think?!), sleeping from 730pm to 530am, sometimes a little later... but it really does work perfect for our schedule when we both have to get up and get to work. This morning, I had an interview and was offered a position with PSA Healthcare, which is a home health company specializing in pediatric care. In addition to my other new job as a Meduflex nurse, I will part-time/occasionally be going to the homes of special needs/disabled children and helping them do every day care, or maybe just watch them while their families go run errands, go to the grocery, go to work... I'm really excited about it! Some of the children may actually be patients I've previously taken care of in the hospital setting, so it will be a great new opportunity to see the kids in their home setting. Fun new things for me, I'm very anxious to get started with it all!

On the topic of "springing forward" and the fact that it's supposed to be in the 80's this weekend... I'm getting so excited for spring and summer to arrive... and all that we have to look forward to! Alli has started to roll over a lot more (and not just secretively, we actually see her do it now... ha!), and she's tripod sitting (kind of holding herself up with one arm), but sitting none-the-less! She is still talking and babbling ALL the time too, and so smiley! It's heart melting when you go to pick her up from a nap, or from daycare, and she catches a glimpse of you, and a huge gummy grin comes across her face. I love it. I know that this summer, we'll have the fun of taking her to the ocean, playing in the water, crawling, etc etc etc... it's going to be so exciting!

There are many visitors and trips we're looking forward to too! My mom will be here next weekend for a long weekend, we're making a trip home to Ohio from Memorial Day weekend through June 4 & 5th, mom will be coming back to visit in the beginning of July, then in mid July, Eric's older brother, his wife Kristi, and their baby Max, along with Eric's parents, will all be coming down to Charleston for a week! It's the first time we'll get to meet Max, and getting to see him and Alli together will be great! And, we can't forget that any day now lil Squishy Koehler will be arriving into the world, and I'm sure we'll have many trips/long weekends with him/her and his/her family as well. This spring is definitely arriving quickly, and we couldn't be more excited! Bring on the sunshine!

*July 2007, days after we got engaged... pictures this spring and summer will probably all be of Alli :o)

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