Sunday, March 27, 2011

It had to happen sooner or later...

Ladies and gentleman... we have a floater. And I'm not talking about the dead-body-found-in-a-pond-somewhere type of floater - I'm talking about the kind that can only happen to a parent. That's right Followers, Alli finally pooped in the bathtub.

This week/weekend has been a rather eventful one around the ol' homestead. I'm talking multiple-blog-post eventful. We started Alli Ru on real baby food this week, which I think she is finding to be a nice change of pace to her breastmilk and rice cereal. You also may recall that we started integrating some baby formula to supplement her breastmilk as a way to make sure that she is never hungry.

Well, as the parent of any breastfed baby will tell you, the stuff that comes out the other end is nothing compared to the mess that comes out of formula-fed babies. There's just something about the mixture of nutrients in the formula that makes the baby's poop disgusting. Not that any poop is nice in the first place, but formula just makes it worse.

So as you can imagine, we've now added real baby food on top of the little bit of formula we've been giving Alli. And holy crap (pun intended)... what a difference we've seen. I'm not going to go into all the details because no one really wants to hear about that. Let's just say that she went from having blow-outs with a more liquid consistency to having "adult poops" in about 4 days time. I almost feel like I'm changing an adult's diaper instead of my 5-month old's.

Alli has always been very good about not going to the bathroom while she's in her little whale tub. In fact, she's never had a bowel movement while we've been bathing her... even from the day we brought her home. Well this weekend that streak ended. With a vengeance.

On Thursday night, we took her up to have her nightly bath just like always - got her tub filled, jammies out, and stripped her down. We made it through almost the entire bath (thank goodness) before Alli abruptly stopped splashing - which is weird in and of itself. She looked up at both of us with a very concerned, concentrated face. She then grunted rather loudly and started squirming around a bit... and we both knew something was up. That's when we saw it - Alli's first floater.

Up to the surface it came, like a breaching submarine... and immediately bath time was over. Mommy B removed our little poop factory from the tub, which naturally left me with HazMat duties. I was able to clean out the tub and get rid of the "present" Alli had left us with, and the rest of the evening proceeded as normal. Alli apparently enjoyed the experience so much that she repeated this occurrence on Friday night for Grandma C while Mommy B and I were out on a date. (We went to Sam's Club first, then to Santi's for the best margaritas in Chucktown - I know, hot date, right?)

She made it through Saturday night without an "incident"... but now Mommy B and I know that we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for that fun-size Baby Ruth Alli might decide to leave us again. But, I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

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