Friday, March 18, 2011

From on a roll to rolling over...

Well, here it is... Friday night at 9PM, and our little princess is upstairs. I know you're thinking, aww wow, she's asleep and you guys are still on a roll with this sleep thing... right? Wrong! Unfortunately, since Alli has discovered she can roll over so easily, she is doing it all the time. As in, as soon as we lay her down to sleep, she flips right over, then cries and cries because she can't sleep like that. The first few times she did it, we went up to flip her back on her belly in hopes she would fall asleep. After the third time of going up there to do it, we both realized that she is thinking this is a game! We would go up there and as soon as her eyes would catch ours, she would break out in a huge smile and start giggling. What!!?? You went from crying to giggling as soon as you see us? And how are you not tired, it's almost 2 hours past your bedtime now!

This picture is of Alli earlier today when she was rolling over and laughing about it afterwards... which was fine and fun then, but not at bedtime little girl!!

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