Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teacher's Pet

On Tuesday, I had to take Alli to daycare in the morning for a little while when I went to go interview for the home health nursing position I'll be doing part time. She was only there for about 4 or 5 hours, and when I got there, she was still napping so I chatted with one of her teachers, Mrs. Norma, for a little while. We talked about how Alli's day had gone (mainly sleeping!), and talked about how to introduce cereal and baby foods while she's at daycare.

She then mentioned that Alli got to spend some time outside that day, and I thought, aww that's great, they take the kiddos outside! So I asked her how they got all 6 or 7 kids out there, and she said, "Oh no, Miss Raisin came to get her!" (OK, I'm unsure if this is really the teacher's name, but I asked Eric to find out yesterday while he was there, and he came home saying Miss Raisin too, so I don't know if that's a nickname this teacher has, if her name is really Raisin, or what...) Anyway, I proceeded to ask who Miss Raisin was and what she meant by this lady coming to get her?! She said, "Ohhh my goodness, Alli is Miss Raisin's favorite!! She comes and takes Alli all the time, especially during her lunch breaks. She takes her outside with her, plays with her, etc...!" What!? She's a teacher's pet already and she can't even talk?! Wow! Mrs. Norma said Miss Raisin is the 1-2 yr old classroom's teacher, so, she'll be in her class coming up here soon. It's good to know she's already a favorite, that will hopefully mean she'll get her bottles and food first. Because we all know that as long as the little Meibers is fed, she's a happy girl.

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