Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our girly girl...

Grandma C came down to visit for a long weekend, and her first full day here, we decided to go together to get Alli's ears pierced. Oh boy, what an adventure! I don't know who cried more... Alli, me, or Grandma C! We were all in tears, but, after a few minutes, it was like nothing happened. Unfortunately for some reason, Grandma C thought she should video tape it, and re-living the whole ordeal through a video is not a good idea! We showed it to Dad-E when he got home from work (now, just for the record, we had asked him about getting this done in advance, and he had given his blessing! It was not a surprise to him when he got home, we had to agree that we'd take care of these together!), but anyway, we showed him the video and he didn't have quite the reaction that we did. Must've been a "had-to-be-there moment."

She's so happy and smiley now, you wouldn't even know she had them done. Even by the time we'd gotten to the car after having them pierced, she was almost asleep, probably just worn out from the whole experience, similar to after getting her vaccinations. They don't bother her at all, and she doesn't even know they're there. We clean them with her morning diaper change and at bath time, she's great with us doing that as well, could care less. It's been wonderful! The back fell off of one of them the first day while she was in her crib napping, but I was able to find it and slip it back on (a little more snugly!) without her even noticing. We haven't had any other problems like that, thank goodness. I'm glad we got them done now where she won't remember even getting them pierced, because I have a certain niece who's 13 years old and scared to death to get hers done because she doesn't want it to hurt! I had mine done when I was an infant too, a little older than Alli is, but regardless, I don't remember a thing.

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  1. So sweet! I agree, doing them now is a great idea. I know if I did Molly's now, she would be playing with them all the time and changing them like she changes outfits, 15 times a day!!