Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grilling in February

Top 'o the afternoon to ya, my fellow Followers. I'll have to come up with a catchy nickname for y'all that read this blog... in due time. For now, I'll just refer to the collective group as "Followers" since that's the only option it gives you on the main blog page. Too bad there isn't an option for "life-long, die-hard obsessor of everything Meibers", because I know there are some of you out there. OK, enough narcissism for the day, yeah? Get to the real bloggin', funny man. OK, OK...

During the couple hours between when Alli goes to sleep and when us parentals go to bed is typically when Mommy B does most of her blog writing (and sometimes posting). She asked me last night if I wanted a turn on the ol' keyboard to post something. I pondered the offer for a minute and told her that I didn't really have a funny "Alli update" to talk about. Besides, I don't want to steal all of Mommy B's thunder by writing about the same thing she does.

That's when she presented me with the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - she told me that I didn't have to blog about Alli, technically I could write about whatever I wanted. Whatever I wanted?! I guess I never really thought about it like that... but I guess it's true. Who said anything about blogs having rules? I mean come on, who really wants to come here and read about Alli's eat, sleep, poop routine every single day anyway? OK I'm joking again... but let's take the training wheels off this thing and see where it takes us.

As many of you northern Followers are well-aware, yesterday was the last day of February. That means only 6-8 more weeks of cold, gray weather if you live in Ohio. Well, yesterday felt more like May down here. I believe Chucktown reached the low-mid 80's in the afternoon. Poor folks back north are home from work because the snow is now flooding the streets...

Being that I couldn't possibly pass up weather like that, I ducked out of work a little early to cruise around in the Bimmer with the top down. I actually went to get my ears lowered, but you better believe I was rolling topless. God invented convertibles for days like that.

I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to roll out the grill from its "hibernation spot" (a.k.a. the side of the porch) and fire it up. She lit up like a champ and did me proud. So I put a little seasoning on some burgers and tossed them on the flames. Like any football-loving, red-blooded American should do, I had to have a beer while I was grilling. So, I cracked a Diesel to accompany my burgers. That's a Budweiser, to the lame person... (anyone catch my Dumb and Dumber reference?)

There I stood... on my back porch on the last day of February, 80 degrees outside, burgers on the grill, beer in hand, dog digging up moles in my back yard. It was quite a feeling. And yes, Scarlett caught her hundredth mole yesterday. Dug the sucker right up out of the ground and flung it around like a new chew toy.

So to all you Yankees who haven't "figured it out" yet, this Bud's for you. When was the last time you were able to grill outside in February without having to plow the snow off your deck? Or if there wasn't snow, did you only run outside long enough to flip the burgers over and duck back in for fear of frostbite? Come on down and join me next February and I'll show you what I'm talking about... if I'm not out golfing instead.


  1. 1) I grilled this past weekend. Nevermind the fact that I had to shovel off the deck behind the house to pull it from it's "hibernating spot" and the fact that it was only 40 degrees, but you can bet I was grilling.
    2) You're going to get time off to golf? All the dads I golf with up here have to play at 6am on Saturday. I'd love the idea of golfing in March. Too bad it'll be March 26 up here and I'll have to have 2 jackets and a long sleeve shirt on!

  2. Our grill is covered in about 2 feet of snow, ha! My husband, Eric, would love to grill ALL year round, we pretty much due, unless the grill is covered in a foot of snow or more! I am sure our neighbors think we are crazy, but we love it!! Enjoy the warm weather, our high today is 24!!