Friday, April 1, 2011

A not-so-funny April Fool's Day...

So poor little Alli Ru has had a cough for awhile now... maybe a couple weeks or so? It's just been a dry cough, only occurring at night, and it didn't wake her at all, just kept us up and worried of course (first time parents, duh!). She was still happy, smiley, eating great and no temperatures, so we thought it could be a few things. It could be teething/drool gathering in the back of her throat causing her to cough, mild reflux, allergies to the pollen, etc etc... and unfortunately, these are all things you can't do much about. Last night, it all just got a lot worse. We noticed she didn't eat as much as usual yesterday, the cough was becoming more wet, she had a runny nose, was sneezing, etc. She already got initiated to daycare once (getting a little cold right when she first started there), so I don't think a second initiation was necessary. But, with the "daycare crud", it seems to just go 'round and 'round. This morning was just miserable for all of us. She was still not crying or upset, just coughing and sneezing up a storm. So, mommy headed off to work (it was too late to call in sick, and I didn't want to get charged with abandonment of my patients or anything!), and daddy played Mr. Mom. Wow, what can I say, I am just more and more amazed and in love with this man every single day.

He woke up with me around 5am, got her ready and headed to the doctor's office to be the first one's there at 7am. Well apparently, the other "sick visit" kids had appointments (Umm ok?? How do you already know your kid's going to be sick the next day??), and he had to wait almost 2 hours. What a trooper. They weighed her (woo hoo, 14 lbs 1 oz, she's a-growin'!), and checked her pulse ox, 96%... which is good. He's texting me this whole time while I'm at work, trying to take care of my sick patients, but more worried about my sick baby. The doctor came in, checked her out, all while Alli was trying to eat her stethoscope and otoscope... and said she has double ear infections! Poor thing! She said we couldn't have brought her in at a better time, they aren't too bad yet, just a little red, could see a little fluid... but no pus or nastiness, thank goodness. She prescribed her Amoxicillin and said that should help the lungs/cough clear up as well if there happens to be any junk/infection festering in there as well. So, Super Dad went and filled her prescription, and took care of her the rest of the day. I called and checked in a bunch of times, but he said she was doing great. He gave her the first dose of her antibiotics without any difficulty... she took them like a champ! I was prepared to have to pull out my "giving babies medicines" tricks we use at the hospital, but our little girl took them with no problems. She is still snot-nosed, but hasn't coughed nearly as much this evening. We took her on a walk this evening (with a hat and bundled up of course, despite the almost 70 degree weather), but I think it helped her too, feeling the cool air. She's upstairs asleep now, and we're just hoping this course of antibiotics kicks this in the butt.

So, for all you funny people out there, this was not the best joke that could have been played on us today, but we're all hanging in there!

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