Monday, April 4, 2011

Doc, are you sure she's sick?

Back to work... back to the grind. Li'l Ru is on day 4 of her Amoxicillin, and she's improved SO much! We could never even tell that she was "sick" to begin with... she never cried like she was in pain (from her ear infections), she never had a temp (looks like we did catch it early!), she was still eating pretty well and she was always so happy! Her cough was really what scared and bothered us so much, especially how much she seemed to cough at night. Now, on these antibiotics, she doesn't cough at all at night, only a little when she wakes up, and hopefully her ear infections are clearing up too. We take her back April 28th for her 6 month check up, so not too far away to check back in and see how things are looking. I'm just glad she didn't have any type of allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin, seeing as I'm allergic to Penicillin and they're in the same drug class. So, we're lucky that she didn't have any crazy allergic reaction... but she sure didn't get lucky with the lovely side effect of most antibiotics... diarrhea. Poor girl, poor us, and poor daycare ladies. No fun! But hopefully, it'll all clear up soon. It's just crazy to think she had "ear infections", we honestly wouldn't have known had we not taken her in for the cough... she is just entirely too happy to seem sick at all!

The ear infections also didn't hold us back from having a good time this weekend! We went up to the Summerville Flowertown Festival and had a great time. She was definitely a hit in her sunglasses, we got so many comments on how cute they were... haha, she was a little ham, taking it all in. We also had friends from Charlotte, Katherine & Bart, come by to visit and meet Alli, which was fun too. Here's some pics from the Flowertown Festival... she was in love with all the beautiful azaleas, and so was I! Can't wait for the next weekend to arrive so we can hang out and have time together as a family... just gotta get through a few more work days...

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