Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

I'm a little behind on my cartoon this week! I've been busy with family here, then working 3-12 hr shifts in a row... I'm a little exhausted! But anyway...

So, Dad-E has obviously gotten to spend a lot more time with Ru in the past three days than I have, and he can't stop commenting on how much she's "talking" and giggling all the time. This morning when I heard her in her crib starting to wake up, she was just talking away. Not crying, not making any fuss, just babbling away. I walked in to get her, and she had one of her stuffed animals in her arms... it just looked like she was telling it a story. It was so adorable... I can't wait until she starts really talking, like this comic here... haha! I'm sure we'll be in for it, seeing how sarcastic both Dad-E and I can be... she'll probably be the same way!

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