Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family fun

Sunday afternoon, my Uncle Tim, Aunt Trisha, and cousins Zach and Paige came into town to spend a few days of their spring break hanging out in Charleston with us, and of course, for them to meet Alli Ru! This was Paige's second time getting to see Alli since she had come down with some of the other family members around Thanksgiving, but Alli was just a lil peanut then, and now, she's so much more fun! We grilled out on Sunday, played with Alli, and just caught up on life. It was great to see them all again, spend time with them, and most of all, see them interact with Alli. It's almost a strange feeling to see the people I grew up with watching my baby learn and explore things. I think the fact that I held both Zach and Paige as babies, and now they were here holding my baby was a strange, yet wonderful feeling.

On Monday, we took the day to hit up the Tanger Outlets so they all could shop for some great deals while Alli and I tagged along. It was a great day with beautiful weather. After Eric got off work, we headed downtown to catch a Riverdogs game. (The Riverdogs are Charleston's minor league baseball team) This was Alli's first game, and she honestly had a BLAST. With all the music, noise, people, etc... she was just having a ball. She was bouncing all around, it even almost seemed like she was dancing! It was adorable. Two little boys that were sitting behind us were ohh-ing and ahh-ing over her, while Dad-E gave them the evil eye (He's already worried about chasing the boys away! haha) We just all had a wonderful time, and the Riverdogs won too, which always makes it a better game!

Tuesday, we headed down to Isle of Palms, walked around on the beach (while Alli slept for the most part), and Uncle Tim caught a bunch of starfish (he was so proud!). We ate lunch at Coconut Joe's, right on the water, and had another great weatherday. However, during this lunch outing, Alli made it a point to make sure she went through every single diaper in her diaper bag. Yes, I believe it was 4 diapers... she just kept pooping! I don't know if it's the precursor to teething again or what, but it was awful. So, it was time to go back home because we were fresh out of diapers. Once home, everyone just hung out on our back porch and patio, some people getting sun, others just talking and visiting. They hit the road later in the evening on their way up to Asheville to continue their spring break trip, but we're so glad they got to come down to visit and see Alli! We'll be home in another month to see everyone else too, and we're so excited! Now, it's back to work for me (boo), and Alli has 3 days in a row to spend at daycare (double boo!)... but it'll be the weekend before we know it, and more fun adventures I'm sure.

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