Monday, April 11, 2011

Carolina Girl

I saw a quote today that pretty much says it all...

"If you're lucky enough to live by the beach, then you're lucky enough."

Dad-E and I have lived down here in Charleston for almost four and a half years now (hard to believe!). We moved here right after we both graduated from college, in December of 2006, when we were both 23 years old. Since then, it seems like time has flown by. Within 6 months, we were engaged, then a year later, married. A few months after the wedding, we had bought our house, rescued our lovable golden, and settled into married life. A few vacations (and years) later, we were expecting our first baby. Throughout all of this, we have absolutely fell in love with Charleston and all it has to offer. Every weekend feels like a vacation. It's such a total escape from reality when you can head to the beach after a bad work week, or out on a friend's boat enjoying the salty sea. It still seems surreal to me some days that we actually live here in this vacation destination. And just knowing that Alli will never know any different, and is a "native South Carolinian", is quite incredible. So, although her parents are "transplants" from Ohio (like just about everyone else around here), she will be lucky enough to say, "Yes ma'am, I was born here."

This would be us...

And this would be Alli... 

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  1. Nobody's going to call her a damn yankee ;) Let's just hope she doesn't start using the phrases "might could" & "yousta could"