Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm on a boat!

Coming into this past weekend, we didn't really have any big plans. Other than dog-sitting another Golden, we didn't have anything too exciting going on. But sure enough, Friday evening rolled around and while Alli was asleep, Mommy B came home and told me that her new manager (a former 7 East coworker of hers) had invited us all out on his sailboat on Saturday afternoon. Mommy B and I had been on his boat a couple times in the past couple years, but never with Alli Ru in tow. The weather was supposed to be beautiful (duh, it's South Carolina) and we didn't have previous plans - so it was really a no-brainer.

Saturday morning rolled around and we prepped Alli for her first actual sailing adventure! We drove down to the Charleston Harbor Marina and met up with Mommy B's new manager Steve, his wife Cheree and their chocolate lab Barnaby. We loaded our gear into the cabin, the winds picked up and off we went!

We sailed out of the marina and into the Charleston harbor, then turned north and used the wind to blow us up the Cooper River. All the while Alli was hanging out on the boat in her pink life jacket and hat, tasting the salty air and checking things out. Meanwhile, Dad-E was enjoying a few cold ones while getting humped by Barnaby. After a couple hours, we decided to come about and head back to the marina to pick up a couple more friends.

Alli was looking tired, so Mommy B took her below to have a bottle and hopefully take a nap in the front cabin. We made our way back to the marina and docked, and picked up Steve's friend Terry and his wife Cathy. We had met Terry a couple years ago on Steve's boat for the 4th of July fireworks, so it was really like hanging out with old friends again. Alli didn't fall asleep on the way back, but she was beat by the time we docked. So, Dad-E worked his magic and got her to fall asleep on the bed in the front cabin while Mommy B got a break to enjoy some adult beverages.

We hung out for a while and swapped stories like always. Before we knew it, an hour or better had gone by and Alli was up and about. Terry brought some cigars for the men aboard while the ladies gushed over the not-sleeping Alli girl. The afternoon had turned to evening, and it was time to get the baby girl home to get fed, bathed and off to bed.

All in all it was a fun little Saturday. Not too bad for not having any plans on the day before. I think Alli had a fun time sailing around the harbor - and never got sea-sick! Already 5 months-old and she's been sailing almost as many times as I have in 27 years...

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