Thursday, April 28, 2011

Six Month Stats

Our sweet little baby girl is halfway to her first birthday already!! At six months old, she has become such a little person, it's just amazing. She giggles at us, dances around, talks and babbles, cuddles with her teddy bears in her crib, rolls all across the living room and her bedroom, is really trying to scoot (and gets mad when she can't quite get to where she wants to go). She is still quite the Houdini in her crib, too. We will lay her down on her belly facing one direction, and come back to check in on her, and she's on her back, facing the other way. How did you do that?? Her crib seems to be the place where she practices all her fun acts before showing us the main event. Her second tooth, the other bottom front tooth, popped through this morning, so she's got the right bottom front tooth about 1/4 of the way in, and this one just showing it's little jagged edges. It's adorable to catch her giggling and smiling with her one and a half-toothed grin.

The Stats:
Weight: 14 lbs 9 oz (22nd percentile)
Length: 26.75 inches (78th percentile)
Head: 16 inches (7th percentile)

All are up from last visit, looking great on the growth charts as a consistent, appropriate pattern, the doc says she thinks she's going to be tall and slender... we will see!

Diaper Size: 2 (finally!!)
Clothing Size: 3-6 months (the dress she wore to meet the Easter bunny was a 3 month)
Shoe Size: what shoes, it's South Carolina!! =) (ok, she has sandals that are 1's!)
Food: 2/3 momma milk, 1/3 Similac, and three "meals" a day (usually rice cereal and a fruit for breakfast, and a veggie for lunch & for dinner)
Naps: definitely has an attitude when she doesn't get her normal, routine naps... she's quite habitual (about an hour and a half in the AM and usually two hours in the afternoon)
Sleep: Asleep for the night by 7:30pm and up around 5:30 or 6
Teeth: Two!
Sounds: Jabbering and squealing like crazy... no definite "dada's" or "mama's" or "doggie's" yet :o)
Play: Jumperoo, tummy time (which usually equals roll all across the room time), Sophie, walks in the stroller, and she'll grab and try to play with just about anything that is not hers (our water bottles, our cups, our kitchen utensils, the newspaper, etc etc etc...)
New buddies: Scarlett (she's really started to notice her, grab for her, and giggle and play with her!)

And now, the downward countdown until her first birthday... less than 6 months to go....
Speaking of her first birthday... we already have the date picked out for the party! (Yes, we're big planners!) All are invited to come down for Alli's 1st birthday bash, Saturday, October 29th!! Save the date :o)


  1. OMG, she's getting so big! And I've got Alli's birthday party on my calendar already, ya know, assuming we're invited ;)

  2. Wow! Time sure flies by! Good grief, Lucy is a cow compared to Alli :)