Thursday, April 7, 2011

Relapse? Not quite...

As I'm sure all you Followers could tell from the last few posts, our little Princess has been going through some ups and downs recently. It all started a couple weeks ago when she developed a slight cough at night. We didn't think too much of it and decided to wait it out for a bit. Last Thursday night it got worse... in fact, it was so bad that none of us really slept that night. So off went Super Dad to take Alli to the doctor for her first real sick visit. They diagnosed her with dual ear infections... and noted that she might be getting her teeth soon. Awesome!

Well thank God for mold and modern science - as Alli was feeling (and acting) much better after a few days of Amoxicillin and some better sleep (duh, she's a Meibers). She was feeling so much better that we went to Summerville's Flowertown Festival where she enjoyed being the center of attention and seeing all the pretty-colored flowers. You might recall this post about the trip. All in all, Mommy B and I thought we were on the road to recovery and Alli would be back to her giggly self in no time.


On Monday, she was back to daycare. Well, she wasn't really feeling it that morning. She didn't sleep well the night before and threw a fit that morning while I was getting her dressed - which is very unlike her. She took some long naps while at daycare that day, which is good to see but meant that she still wasn't feeling well. I brought her home that day and she was struggling to keep her eyes open by 6:45pm - another sign that she still wasn't feeling well.

Tuesday morning I got her up and she wasn't that happy while I got her dressed. Again, she took some long naps during the day but wasn't eating as much as normal. She actually looked a little pale and was warmer than usual when I picked her up. I was able to get to sleep that night, but I knew something still wasn't right.

Wednesday morning was worse, she looked sad and uncomfortable all morning as we got her up and fed her. It was almost like she was having a complete relapse and was getting worse. Mommy B and I were getting concerned being that she had been on antibiotics for almost a week and things weren't getting better. But we noticed that her symptoms were different now - she wasn't really coughing or too snotty anymore, she just seemed uncomfortable and in pain.

Mommy B had a class to go to that morning, but then she was going to pick Alli up from daycare and hang out with her at home for the rest of the day. Perhaps she just needed to get out of the daycare crud and get some Mommy B TLC. Well, that afternoon she still wasn't eating much and just wasn't happy with anything that we tried. I was thinking that this meant a return trip to the doctor on Thursday.

It was at that moment that Mommy B happen to let Alli grab her finger and put it in her mouth to suck on - we were basically up for anything that would make her feel better. All of a sudden - OW! That's when everything became crystal clear. Alli cut her first tooth!

We both looked in her mouth at the same time and sure enough, there it was... the bottom right incisor had popped through her gums and was making its presence felt. No wonder she was feeling like crap-ola and was so sad recently - she was teething! Poor little girl. But I must say, she has been an absolute trooper going through all of this at the same time. Come to find out, many of the symptoms I initially thought might have been due to the ear infections - also come along with teething. She really hasn't cried that much for all she's going through, which has been a relief for Mommy B and I.

Sooooo while I think we are over the hump in respect to the ear infections, we have a new culprit to watch out for - teeth! Hopefully the next few come in soon so she'll be over it quickly. It's hard to believe that she's getting her teeth already... I was just getting used to that gummy smile.

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