Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post worthy

When I first started posting in This Space, I found myself struggling with any blogger's dilemma - what is really "post worthy"? Sure, there are lots of things going on out there that I could discuss, but what do/would people care to read about? What do the masses yearn for day in and day out that brings them back to this blog?

Is it just to get an update on All Things Alli? Is it in the hopes that Dad-E will post another funny story/rant about something random? Or is it all of the above? Judging by the almost zero comments left by our Follows... I couldn't really come to a conclusion. Come on people, let's make this thing interactive, yeah? Mama G gets a pass because she's about to have a baby - like tomorrow.

Now, then...

Alli has been finished with her antibiotics for about 4 days now, and I can tell she's completely over her ear infections. No more coughing, hardly any sneezing (remember it's still Spring time - even down here) and just an overall better attitude. You may recall that towards the tail end of her infection, she also began teething - which just increased her discomfort exponentially.

Her first tooth has popped almost completely through, and we're anxiously awaiting the next one's arrival. Note my sarcasm... The good news is that since the first tooth is basically all the way through her gums, she is in much less pain. As in, none. She had a great day at daycare yesterday - ate plenty of baby food and got two solid naps in. I picked her up at 4:30pm and fed her again when we got home. She polished off a container of prunes (gross!) and 3oz of Mommy-B milk, then another 5oz of formula before she went to bed two hours later.

And the best news of all? She slept completely through the night! She hasn't done this in a couple weeks thanks to the ear infections and teething. She'd wake up once or twice a night thanks to a coughing fit, which in turn would make her flip over onto her back and/or have diarrhea - which meant either Mommy B or I were up for a diaper change. OK, the coughing didn't give her diarrhea, but an infant only has so much muscle control at 3:30am. We call it a "ca-fart" - a combination of cough and fart where the former usually leads to the latter. Although when you're teething, the fart typically has a little more substance, if you will.

Anyway, Alli slept from about 8pm last night until 6:30am this morning. It was fabulous. I think Mommy B and I had forgotten what "sleeping through the night" felt like for a while. Regardless, I felt that this was post-worthy because hopefully it means that her ear infections have subsided and her teething is improving.

I certainly hope this is the beginning of a good streak, because we have family coming to stay for a few days this weekend and I don't think they'll enjoy getting woken up a couple times a night on their Spring Break. But hey, they knew what they were signing up for ahead of time!

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