Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Topics of conversation

I remember Dad-E previously writing this post about how much his introductions have changed over the different phases of our lives... from being "Meibs" to being "Brittany's husband" to now being mainly just "Alli's dad." Today, I got to thinking about how much our conversation topics have changed since having Alli Ru. Again, there are definitely different stages and phases of life where you discuss "important" things. In college, so-called "important discussions" revolved around what sorority functions I was going to attend, what my plans were for the weekend, and boys (ok, mainly just Dad-E). Once we got married, discussions changed to how to save money on electric bills, what new couch we wanted to buy, how to mortgage a house, etc. Now, after having a child, our life revolves around discussing everything about Alli.

On the mornings that I work, I get a text message right around 7:45 or 8am from Dad-E. For example, the one from this morning said this: "Ms. Penny put Alli in a jumper and she was bouncing around when I left! Maybe she just started doing this today, but it was cute. She had about 4 oz this morning, happy smiley girl the whole car ride." That's it... no "Hi babe, hope you have a great day!" or "Love you, can't wait to see you tonight." Little did Dad-E know that Alli had started jumping around in her jumper at home the day before... but I hadn't gotten to tell him about it yet.

It's so funny how much our lives have changed, especially when it comes to our conversation topics. When I get home from work, I usually take a look at her daily report sheet from daycare, then ask him, "Did she poop? How was her bath? How much did she eat before bed?" The pooping thing is the part that really gets me. How funny is it that we care about someone else's bodily functions so much now? I recall an entire blog post about one of her pooping episodes. Well, this face is worth all the poop discussions in the world, she's an incredible baby!

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