Friday, April 15, 2011

Sickness... a good thing??

Dad-E previously mentioned that while Alli was sick with her cough/double ear infections/teething/whatever else it may have been, she was getting up through the night again. Not a whole bunch of times like when she was a newborn, but she still got up at least once or twice a night, which she hadn't been doing previously. I would go in, breastfeed her, change her, and put her back to bed, and usually, that would be all she needed to fall right back asleep. I think it was a little bit of needing comfort because of the pain of teething, and not really hunger so much, but regardless, whatever we did worked. She is starting to get back to normal, slept through the night again last night, and I'm so "pumped" (no pun intended), about how much my milk supply has gone up! While pumping at work, I was getting frustrated the past month because I just wasn't able to keep up with our growing girls needs. Now, maybe because of those extra night time feeds, it's like all of a sudden there's a milk factory again.

On my days off of work with her, I try to exclusively breastfeed too to keep my supply up, and it really seems to have kicked in lately. We have only had to give her a formula bottle every once in awhile, and mainly because we want to for her night feed to keep her a little fuller longer, but regardless, I'm excited. I know that's probably not exciting to some people, but to me, it's a big deal. So, thank you sickness? As silly as that sounds? :o)

And PS... Our friends Gena & Rob are in the process of having their baby today, please pray for them to have an uneventful, pleasant delivery! Can't wait to meet lil Squishy, boy or girl, come out, come out whatever you are!!

Gena, Rob & Squishy!!

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