Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who's Who?

Lately, I've been noticing that Alli is actually associating words with things/people/actions rather than just babbling aimlessly. She said "dada" first (of course!) about 3 months ago now, and it's still always been her favorite to babble on and on with. A few days ago, Dad-E came downstairs after a shower, and Alli was playing by the couch. When he caught her eye, her eyes lit up, she smiled a huge tooth-filled grin, and yelled, "dada!" We both looked at each other and were just so impressed! Later on that day, I was in the kitchen on the computer and she crawled straight for me, saying "mama, mama!" Her other favorite is "baba", and we're not sure what she thinks that is, if it's actually her bottle, or Scarlett, or what. She seems to call everything else "baba" for now. We also get some "gaga's" in there, and even a "uhhhh" when she drops something, which I think is her attempt at saying "uh-oh" like we do. It's just so cute to see her figuring things out. The waving has really melted our hearts lately too, it's such a cute whole arm wave, but she's really good at it and "hi" and "bye" are accompanied by a big wave of the arm. Who is this tiny human that's growing and learning so fast, and where did our little blob of a baby go??

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