Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feel better soon

Dear Alli,

I am so sorry that you still have an annoying cough that continues to wake you up at night. (Which wakes mommy and daddy up too.) The cough wakes you up throughout the night, which means you aren't well rested, and you're miserable for most of the day. (Which means mommy and daddy are miserable too.) You're cough and sickness has been passed on to Dad-E now too... (Which means mommy has two babies at home, everyone knows how guys are when they're sick!) =) But honestly, we just want you to feel better so you can be happy, smiley Ru again. You are getting better, but slowly. Please hurry up.

We love you and hope you feel better soon!
B & E (& Scarlett too!! She definitely misses her sleep!)

Scarlett does not want these days back... she's starting to think we have a newborn again!

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