Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Expanding Vocabulary

I haven't seen Alli since Sunday. No, I haven't been out of town on vacation, I've just been at work. When I leave in the morning, she's not quite awake yet (although usually me opening the garage door wakes her up), and when I get back from work at 8pm, she's already asleep. I feel like she's a different little person since the last time I've seen her! Every time I'm away from her for a few days, I swear she changes so much. Her usual words at this point are mainly "dada", "mama" and "baba (babababa)" - she likes this one a lot and is soo cute at saying it, although we still aren't sure what she's referring to. Lately, she's also been doing "daaaaw" - which is hard to explain, it's a different sound than dada, and it sounds like the beginning of "doggie", which we say quite a bit referring to Scarlett of course. She's also been saying "uhhhhhhh", right after we say "uh oh".. it's so adorable. Today, she's been saying all those and more, and really saying things at appropriate times. She kept dropping her spoon and saying "uhhhhhh" at breakfast and lunch today, and whenever Scarlett walks by, "daaaw!" She was waving to Scarlett outside and she was waving and saying "babababa" (I'm still not convinced this her saying bye bye, but I'll take it!) I think she's really starting to put things together. It's so amazing to see her grow and learn things every day.

Waving to dada & daaaaw =)


  1. Aw, she's growing up so fast!! Can't wait to see her again & hear some more of her words :) Guess we're going to have to stop swearing around her!

  2. So cute! Lucy just babbles, and the only real things she says are dada and baba...I am convinced she said hi at the store today!