Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain check!

Another great deal! In the newspaper today, Target's flyer had this car seat on sale, $129, regularly $179! Eric & I have been looking at it for awhile now as the car seat to go in his car... she'll have to weigh 20 lbs before she can ride in it, but, she's almost there at 18 lbs at her 9 month visit! So, we went to buy it today since it's 50 bucks off... and of course, they're sold out. At every Target in the area! So, they offered us a rain check to use when they got more back in stock to be able to get the discounted price! I thought it was so kind they went the extra mile to do that, some people would just say they're sold out and send you out the door. So now, we've just got to keep on the lookout when we go to Target to see when it's back in stock... and our rain check expires right before her first birthday, so if we don't find it by then, we'll just keep looking for something else. But still, thanks Target for going that extra mile, it's appreciated for cheap people like Eric & I. =)

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