Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

This past weekend, Eric and I were talking about how much "people food" Alli was eating. We both laughed right after we said it, because it's not like we've been feeding her dog food or anything... baby food is people food, just mushed up, pureed, etc. So, we're calling it "adult food" now to be a little more proper. She had her first hot dog this weekend (yes, cut long ways, then cut into small, tiny pieces for everyone worried about the choking hazards), had quite a bit of adult food at Zane's birthday party on Saturday (bites of jello, bites of a ham sandwich, mac and cheese, watermelon, etc.) So Monday, at daycare, Eric asked how we'd go about starting her on the adult foods while she's there. They gave him a menu, said they provide breakfast and lunch, and to just let them know what she can and can't have! That day, Eric said, "just throw whatever you've got at her, she loves it all!" And so they did. She had cut up grilled chicken, peas, and pears. Yesterday, she had cut up fish sticks, carrots and peaches. And goldfish crackers as her afternoon snack. I think we're getting off of baby foods completely... she still has some once in awhile, but can pretty much eat everything we do, with the exceptions of things babies aren't supposed to have until their older. I'm so excited for her, and us (no more buying baby food!), and the countdown is on for no more formula either... less than 2 months!! 

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