Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

This makes me laugh to no end. Eric & I were just talking about the way our luck has been lately, we'll probably get a notice from our insurance company saying, "Your policy only covers hurricanes that start with the letter A through H", not "I" for Irene. I've been watching this link and it looks very promising for us that Irene will keep moving to the east and stay away from us.


  1. I hope she misses you, although we would love a visit from the Meibers clan this weekend ;)

  2. Hurricanes are covered under the standard homeowners policy, however they will usually be subject to a hurricane or "named storm" deductible which is usually a percentage of the coverage A limit (1%-5%). What Noah refers to above is more likely to be a case where coverage can be dicey. While the standard homeowners policy excludes coverage for floods, they are very clearly defined in the language of a Flood Insurance policy (backed federally by the National Flood Insurance Program). The definition (I think) is "A general and temporary condition of an inundation of water affecting 2 or more normally dry adjacent properties." So if all that we can see is the people on the roof's property, then the National Flood Insurance Program may not respond.

    If you have coverage questions, email me and I'll get you answers.

    -the field goal kicking, shot put flicking, Connecticut Insurance Nerd