Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hair patterns

To say that Alli's hair has changed a lot throughout her nine months would be an understatement. We were in shock when the labor and delivery nurse said that our baby had a lot of hair... both Eric & I were both pretty bald babies, so we weren't expecting much. What we got, was this lil girl with a head full of dark brown hair...

Alli coming home from the hospital, 1 day old
The nurse had said it would probably all "fall out" and change color... we were skeptical, but as the months went on, we noticed our little girl going through some stages of funky balding patterns...

Alli 3 months

Alli 3 months

Alli 5 months

At one point, she looked just about bald... and we could tell there was other hair growing in, and it was super tow-head blond...

Alli 7 months
And now, these last 2 months, the blond has really started coming in...

Alli 8 months

Alli 9 months
We're pretty anxious to see what she'll look like with more hair as it continues to come in...


  1. So funny!! Lucy has always had way more hair than Molly, but that's not saying much! Lucy's is darker than Molly's ever was, so we are waiting to see what color it will be!

  2. I'll be interested to see if it's curly or straight too... probably like you guys! I just LOVE Molly's curls... and it gives me hope if you said she never really had much hair!!!