Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ten Month Stats

10 months? No way. It really doesn't seem possible that Alli has hit double digits. People told us how fast all of this would fly by, and we're really experiencing that ourselves first hand these days. She is such a little person, and continues to amaze us, impress us, and make us laugh every day.

She is cruising around pretty much everything these days... the couch, her toys that are tall enough to stand up and lean on, the end tables, the doors, chairs, us... everything. She has been brave enough to stand alone and take a few steps toward something she wants, but once she realizes she's not being supported by something, she'll fall to the ground and do her turbo crawl toward something else. She's also become quite the mimic... once you say or do something to her a few times, she'll try her best impersonation of doing it back. This morning, her loyal buddy Scarlett was laying right next to her (typical), and was panting... you know, the usual dog pant. Alli leaned over to her and started panting too. It was hilarious, she did it a few times, and when she sees us laughing, it only eggs her on. It was precious.

The Stats:
Weight: Not sure, no weigh in or doctor's appointments this month (thank goodness), if I had to guess I'd say right around 19-20 lbs
Length: Same as above, no for sure measurements, but she seems to be getting taller to me... especially because we see her standing all the time now
Diaper Size: 3's (we're down to our last 3 packages from our baby showers... still so grateful for all of our family and friends so we've really only had to purchase one pack of diapers in 10 months!)
Clothing Size: 9-12 month, depending on where it's from
Shoe Size: 3's... we did go to the store to get her fitted for some shoes, but she kept curling her toes so much that we just said forget it still, she's still not a huge fan of shoes
Food: Similac bottles, trying with the sippy cup (formula and water), lots of "adult" food and less and less baby food, Gerber crunchies are still her favorite snack
Naps: Well here's a kicker... she moved up to the new class at school and they only give them one nap from around noon to 2:30-3ish.. so yeah it's about 2-2 1/2 hrs... but at home she still does her normal 1-1 1/2 hrs in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon too... so her patterns are kind of crazy depending if she goes to school or not
Sleep: Bed by 6:45-7ish, up by 6ish
Teeth: SEVEN, working on #8, you can see it and almost feel it, just hasn't quite broken through yet
Sounds: Dada, mama, baba, ga, "daaww" (dog), "uhhhhh" (uh-oh), and lots of other squeals and shrieks we haven't quite figured out yet
Play: Pulling up, clapping (a lot), waving bye-bye, "cruising" along things, turbo crawling, mimicking, getting into everything... etc etc etc
New buddies: Her new classmates in her new room at school and new friends from the birthday party she went to today!

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  1. 10 months, wow! I feel the same way with Lucy, it's going too fast! So funny about her imitating things!!