Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sippy Cup Wars

As many of you may or may not know, Alli is moving up to the next age group of classrooms at daycare next Monday. (We're so proud!) You can just tell that the group she's with now is a little below her development level, and she's crawling all over them and pulling up on everything. It's time for her to be with the older kids (I'm talking 9-12 month olds), and play with some kids who are doing the same things she's doing. Her one new buddy at school, Scarlett (ironic, eh?), is only one day younger than her, and to see them beside each other is so adorable. They are right on track together developmentally, they do the same things, sound the same, etc... and she's also moving to the new classroom on Monday too, so we're happy for that.

One big thing her teachers from this classroom told us to work on with her is using a sippy cup, They like for them to be using sippy cups in the new "big kids classroom", so we've been trying. Needless to say, it has not been easy. (Has Alli really ever been easy?? She's been quite a handful since day one... ha!) We have the soft rubbery spout ones, the hard spout ones, the ones with handles, ones without, the straw type ones... nothing really seems to work. She does okay when it's just water she's drinking out of it, but when it comes to her milk time, she wants her bottle! I do remember how long it took and how frustrating it was for her to ever take a bottle to begin with... and now, she won't let it go! She drinks out of our regular cups, our water bottles, our Gatorade bottles, etc... but she's just not feeling the sippy cup thing. They try with her at daycare too, and say she's getting a little better each day, but it's been a battle. Any advise in this department from anyone? Maybe she can skip sippy cups and go right to regular cups?


  1. We use Born Free bottles, I think they have a transition nipple to help them go from bottles to sippies.

  2. I am having a hard time with Carter wanting a sippy cup as well, which I never did with my older boys. I've been only giving him juice during the day, in a sippy cup (with handles, softer tips) and when it's bed time or nap time, I put milk in his bottle. Little does my poor guy know that after this week, he will only get milk in his sippy cup at bed time and nap time.. It's no fun, but I know he needs to let the bottle go, especially since he's 12 months now but after a week or so, he'll be ok. Good luck!! =)