Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr. Mom

Well I have to say, I couldn't be more proud of my wonderful husband or love him more than I have come to these past few days. He has gone from a working husband who got to go for a run, have a few drinks with friends, or just relax after work... to a daddy who wakes up at 5am, watches me walk out the door at 6am, gets Alli up, dressed, fed & off to daycare, all in time for he himself to get to work by 8. Then after work, he picks her up, feeds her again, gives her a bath, and puts her to bed... not to mention makes us dinner and washes bottles after that, with barely time to plop down on the couch when I walk in the door at 8pm. In all honesty, the past two days when I've walked in he's still been standing, so I take that back, he probably doesn't even have time to sit on the couch! I'm sure it's exhausting and a whole new routine is never easy for anyone. But he's taken it on with no complaints, and even happily states that he feels closer to Alli now than ever, since they get so much bonding time now as just the two of them. It makes my heart melt to think of father & daughter just spending time together, splashing in the tub, and then him rocking her to sleep. Of course on the flip side, it crushes me to miss these moments, as working 12 hr shifts really means I hardly see Alli at all. But, it makes the time I do get with her even more exciting. I couldn't be happier to hang out with her all day today... although she probably finds me boring compared to her friends and all the stimulation at daycare!

Anyway though, just wanted to give my husband a huge pat on the back, and hug and kiss :o) and let him know how appreciated he is by both of his girls. (and Scarlett too.. although she is probably feeling a little neglected these days... but comes with the territory! She is still a rescue dog that should be grateful to have a loving home and a couch and bed to sleep on at night!)

Maybe this shirt will be Eric's birthday gift next month!


  1. I feel the same way about my Eric, too :) I LOVE that he spends all day Monday with the girls while I am at work. I hope they continue to do this for a long time! Hooray for your Eric, what a great daddy!!

  2. Go Dad-E...hey he's gotta catch up for those 40+ weeks of 24/7 care you provided right? :)