Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hidden Talent

A few weeks ago, I woke up around 3 AM to feed Alli Ru... (this will lead to another post coming soon... about our sleeping through the night troubles! 730pm to 3am is still about 7 and 1/2 hrs but it's still no fun for mommy to wake up at 3am!!) ANYway, I went into her room and she was on her back! This may not be exciting or any big deal to most people, but Alli only sleeps on her stomach. When I looked down into the crib and saw her face to face with me, she looked at me and grinned, and I about died! She must have rolled over just recently, and that was probably part of why she woke up. I was shocked. I think I woke Dad-E up while I was raving to her about her new talent of rolling over. Even if we hadn't seen her do it, she obviously had to get that way somehow! Then, again, a couple nights later, the same thing! I try all day when I'm home to put her on her belly and have her roll over while I'm actually watching, and she gets very close, but never does.

Today, when we put Ru down for her afternoon nap, she wasn't quite asleep yet but getting there. We went downstairs and could still hear her up there, talking and babbling away. After about 10 minutes of her still talking away, we noticed it sounded a little louder. We headed upstairs, and who was on her back again?! Alli! She was smiley and talkative, but obviously not in her normal "sleeping" position. So, we put her back on her belly and tried again. We headed downstairs again, then came up after a little while... and she had done it AGAIN! Back to her back. We just had to die laughing now... I mean what, is this her hidden talent that she'll only do when we're not watching?? So, we decided to put her back on her belly yet again, and stay in her room toward the end of her crib so she couldn't see us to see if we could catch her in the act. We saw her get so close... she was on her side with her arms and legs flying all around... but, she must have been exhausted by then, because she finally passed out to sleep. Go figure, the one time we wanted her to stay awake so we could see her hidden talent, she falls asleep. Oh, little girl, always an adventure with you...

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