Thursday, February 24, 2011

8 years...

Some of you probably recall this post where I talked about all the things in my life that have led me to where I am today. Well, Tuesday was Mommy B & I's 8-year dating anniversary. It was just over 8 years ago that we began our lifelong journey together, and my how far we've come. We recounted the trips we've taken together, places we've gone together, things we've overcome together and things we've accomplished together. It was quite a list we came up with... and one day we'll have to write them all down.

Even though we've done so much together, I began thinking about everything that had happened in my life prior to meeting Mommy B. I started with how we met and thought backwards to see if I could trace our meeting as far back as possible. What series of events led me to meet my wonderful bride? The farthest back I could go would be to my great-grandmother. See if you can keep up...

My great-grandmother decided (for whatever reason) to send my grandmother to a school in Cincinnati known as Seven Hills School. It had a different name back then, but ranged from Kindergarten all the way through high school (or "finishing school" back then). My grandmother graduated from there, and decided to send my mother there as well. She graduated from there, and decided to send all three of her children there to continue the legacy. Here's where things get interesting.

After my 8th grade year at Seven Hills, my older brother and I decided that we no longer wanted to continue our education there and wished to transfer somewhere else. Even though we were leaving behind a 3-generation legacy, we couldn't stand the teachers we currently had and couldn't imagine having to spend the rest of our high school careers there. This school was so small it didn't even have a football team!

So off I went to McNicholas High School to begin a new chapter in my life at a new school. Even though it was a catholic high school, this was how high school was really supposed to be. Football games on Friday nights, enough classmates to populate a small village, and a chance to finally date someone I hadn't known since we were in diapers together. During my freshman year, I began dating (somewhat regrettably) a girl that had come from one of the "feeder" middle schools. Luckily for me, dating her meant that I basically had instant access to all of her friends that had come to McNick as well. Being such a classy guy (who hadn't even hit puberty yet), I fit right in with her crowd.

Well, our "relationship" didn't last very long and she actually ended up transferring elsewhere. However, I was able to keep all the friends I had made through her. Little did I know at the time that one of those kids would actually become my best friend and later my Best Man. And here's why...

My best friend Ryan graduated from McNick and went off to Wright State University while I went off to Denison University. Well as fate would have it, Ryan just so happened to live one floor below Mommy B in their dormitory their freshman year. Being the social butterfly that he is, Ryan basically met everyone in the dorm within the first few weeks of class. He had a picture of me (among other friends also) in his dorm room and it caught Mommy B's eye one day. She asked when I was coming to visit, and needless to say Ryan told me to make a trip very soon. That's when I met Mommy B for the first time and we connected instantly.

We began officially dating February 22nd, 2003 and have been together ever since. We weathered the long-distance (exactly 100 miles) relationship for 4 years of college and decided that when we graduated we would not only be together, but we would go somewhere warmer. Fast forward 4 years and here we are - living the American dream. Married, house, cars, careers, golden retriever and a little baby girl... all within driving distance of the ocean. Not too shabby if you ask me.

While there are plenty more details I could have included along the way, these were the major influences that led me to where I am today. After all, I could probably write a book if I wanted to include everything. Even though Mommy B and I started dating 8 years ago, our journey together began way before then.

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  1. So Sweet!! We used to live in Cincy after we first got married so I felt like I was right back there with Seven Hills :) What a sweet story and I can't wait to read the many, many more chapters that come with your "American Romance."