Saturday, February 12, 2011

All day, All night

I do believe we had commented this may happen on a different blog post previously, so of course, we jinxed ourselves and it just happened right away. Alli's first two weeks of daycare are complete, and of course, we had a sick baby these past few days. We got home from Florida and could tell she was starting to have a runny nose and cough. It just got worse throughout the day Monday, and she was just so miserable looking & sounding. However, she was in great spirits and didn't act sick (thank goodness!), still smiling, talking a whole bunch, and finding a new favorite thing... blowing her lips to make the sound of a motorboat, it's so funny. Even the ladies at daycare on Tuesday stated, "Wow, Alli must have really found her voice this past weekend, she talks all the time!" (Looks like we're in for it when she can really talk!)

Anyway, Wednesday night had to be the worst we've had since she was very little. She just couldn't seem to get comfortable, was coughing a lot, and her nose was so stuffy. We had her Vick's vaporizer set up in her room, which seemed to help, but really, we knew you just have to wait it out when they are this little. So we put her to bed around the normal time of 7:30, and we were up... at 10:30, at 12, at 2:30, at 4 and of course, at 5 when my alarm went off. Eric spent half the night in an upright position with her laying on him because it seemed that made her most comfortable for the drainage and coughing to not be so bad.

So, after being up all night with a sick baby, I got to spend all day with other sick babies (and big kids). I don't know how we did it or got through it. I know Eric was absolutely exhausted too... and thank God for him, I don't know how I would've done that all night on my own, we definitely had to be a great team and take care of her in shifts. Too bad our work places didn't realize that we had already worked all night, and too bad you don't get paid to be parents. So all day, as snotty nose kids at work were cuddling on me as their parents took naps, I wanted to scream, it's not fair! I'm tired too! But, oh, the life of a nurse... I really do love what I do.

She's starting to feel better now, thank goodness.. but now who's sick? Mommy B & Dad-E... but, there's no sick days in parenting.

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