Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life of a former only child (ok, dog...)

So I'm sure this whole transition of a new baby in the house has taken quite a toll on our previously spoiled only child/dog, Scarlett. At just around the same time that Alli was born, the vet had told us that Scarlett was overweight and needed to go on diet dog food. So, here we were, giving Scarlett diet dog food which she definitely did not enjoy, and adding a new baby to the family... her stress level was at an all time high. We also got rid of her cage about this time too... to make room for the Pack 'n Play, and later for the Christmas tree... and we've never put it back downstairs since. Needless to say, that's a lot of change for any person, let alone a habitual dog. She has been quite a trooper... and I'm sure her biggest challenge has been going from being walked, to now getting walked mainly on the weekends, and maybe once in awhile when it's a nice day when I've got the day off.

She has seemed to age several years from all this transition, and we do enjoy having a more mellow dog once in awhile. We used to talk to her while on our walks when we'd see little children and say to her, "oh, soon you'll have a new baby here to play with like that kid!!" She'd look at us happily thinking, "Oh boy!!! My own little human!?!" But now, I'm sure she's wondering when the playing & fun part will come in. She's been an excellent spit up cleaner up-er, lifeguard during baths, and guard dog at night as she sleeps by her crib (so adorable!!!!) I think of my childhood dog that I grew up with, Jake, and I will never forget all the fun times I had with him. I know that Alli will appreciate and love Scarlett once she gets a little older, and I know a certain dog who sure can't wait until her little human is grown up and will throw the ball to her. It's going to be adorable to see the two of them grow up together. We can't wait!
HI! Will you be my little human?!

 When will she be fun and not just make those awful noises??

Hi friend, you're getting a little better all the time!

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