Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Alli celebrated her first Valentine's Day yesterday! She was still getting over her little cold (which she's given to mommy & daddy... and now daddy's the worst out of us all!!), but she had a playdate with my friend Dawn's kids, Austyn & Zane. Austyn is about 9 months old, and Zane's 2, so it was a riot. Austyn was playing in Alli's jumperoo, Zane was running all over the house, and Alli was just sitting in her bumbo taking it all in. It was definitely cute to see her "interacting" with other kids though, and I'm sure now that she really enjoys seeing the other kids at daycare too. So fun!

She also got to "meet" her cousin Max yesterday as well! Dad-E & I were able to Skype with Uncle Matthew & Aunt Kristi, and their new baby (Alli's cousin)! It was cute to see them both kind of staring at each other (even though Max is only a little over a month, so I think he was more interested in eating than anything else! haha), but it's also great to know they'll be able to grow up seeing each other through the computer while they're miles apart. They'll get to meet in real life this July too, which is something we're all looking forward to!

Happy Valentine's Day from little Ru!!

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