Monday, June 4, 2012

Quick update, photo style

I don't have a lot of time to post at the moment (no way, right?), so here are just a few pictures of what we have been up to lately... and how much the A team is growing & changing every day...

Aiden met Gma & Gpa Meibers

Getting bigger and more aware of things!

Goofball got an Elmo costume from Gma C

Big sister loves her lil bro... gma C back to help out...

She also made sure Eric got all this mulching done, house looks great!

Alli "helped" with the mulching

We had our first dinner out as a family of 4, with Gma C's help

Calming bath

TV time for the boys

My lil princess <3

Loves loves LOVES swimming now

A team in the wagon on the way home from the pool...

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