Thursday, June 7, 2012

Date night with Philly V

Every Tuesday in June at the new Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park, they have a "Party in the Park" concert with different bands/singers and food and drinks. It's free and when we found out that one of our all-time faves, Phil Vassar, was going to be there, we definitely wanted to go. So, thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law and her boyfriend, Dad-E and I got a rare date night out. This definitely isn't the first time Katie has watched Alli Ru, so she has her night time routine pretty much down. But, she was warned that Aiden was going to be a little more difficult, especially because he doesn't really have a "routine" yet. She even brought an extra pair of clothes... I guess she was warned he's known to spit up =)

Eric and I have seen Phil Vassar three times now, and he truly gets better every time... mainly because we can relate to so many of his songs. His newest hit, "Don't Miss Your Life" had us both in tears the first time we saw it. You can watch it here... have your tissues ready.

"Just Another Day in Paradise" is another one of his hits that just sums up our life these days...

And here are our pictures of him at the concert.. it was a perfect night, perfect weather, beautiful back drop of the bridge, sunset, and Philly V. And being there with my partner, best friend, other half... knowing that we'll get through all these hard times as a team, just made it that much sweeter.

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