Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Months Old

Aiden turned two months old today! I can and can't believe it's already been two months. We have had quite a few hurdles to get through with little man, but hopefully, we're on the up swing of things. His reflux has gotten a lot better. He still spits up quite a bit, but he doesn't seem uncomfortable like he used to. And, the doctor said today that if he still continues to do well by his four month check up, we may be able to stop the Zantac completely. We'll see how things go. In other news at the doctor, besides waiting for over an hour (good lord!), he seems perfectly healthy and on track. Here are the stats:

The Stats:
Weight: 11 lbs 12 oz (53rd percentile) *this is close to what Alli weighed at 4 months!* haha
Length: 23 1/4 inches (64th percentile)
Head: 15 1/2 inches (36th percentile)

Diaper Size: 1's
Clothing Size: 0-3 months
Shoe Size: No shoes yet, just baby socks
Food: All mommy milk
Naps: He really doesn't have much of a schedule/routine yet.. but I know once he gets to daycare, they'll whip him into shape! For now, he usually naps one big nap right around 1-3ish. Other than that, he's pretty much a cat-napper throughout the day
Sleep: Asleep for the night by 7:30-8pm, up between 1-2am to eat, then back to sleep until 5:30 or 6 to eat, then back to sleep until 8ish.
Teeth: None yet :) He has found his hands though and loves to suck on his fists.
Sounds: A lot more coo-ing these days!
Play: Can't really do too much yet! Just hangs out in the bumbo once in awhile, hates the swing, hates his carseat, hates the pacifier, loves being held. And swung around in the exact same motion the swing does, but, don't you dare put him down in the swing! :)
New buddies: Met his teachers at daycare this past week, met Simon, Porter & Lily and hung out with due date buddy Hunt Cain too!
Our little man is getting to be a great sleeper, we've consistently had about a week or so of 5-6 hour stretches, and he's smiling and happy a lot of the time... although he is still quite a crier. But, I'm okay with admitting that my baby isn't perfect. He's still adorable and we love him so much!

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