Sunday, June 10, 2012

If I could be anyone for a day & night, it would be...


I would wake up in the morning, yell down for someone to start getting my breakfast and milk cup prepared. Then, someone would come grab me out of bed and carry me downstairs, where my cup and food are handed to me while I catch a favorite show and snuggle with Dad-E. Then, someone would change me, put a cute outfit on me, possibly do my hair, and then I'd get to ride in a cool car on my way to hang out with all my friends.

I'd get to school, learn a few things, but mainly just play and play. Then, someone would tell me to sit down so they could "make me" eat the food they'd prepared. Next, I'd be told to lay on a cot and sleep. For two hours. Or more. Whatever I want. Soon after, someone would come get me to take me back home. Once I get there, I'd get to play some more, hang out with my family and my dog, possibly go for a stroll around the neighborhood (where I'd ride in my cozy coupe, or stroller, or wagon, whichever I prefer), and take in the sights. I'd obviously be wearing my cool girl sunglasses and relaxing as someone pushed me around. Then, it's probably time for someone to get my meal prepared and serve it to me again. After that, I get to play some more. Possibly head outside to watch the bubbles (they definitely make my day), and maybe a quick ride on the swing or down the slide. Oh, and if it's a weekend day, it'd probably be even better. I'd get to go to the pool, beach, playground, or somewhere fun and entertaining. All of which I wouldn't have to plan or prepare at all for, I'd just play and play until someone told me it was time to go, and then we'd go! But anyway, on to the best part.

My bubble bath is all set and ready, and someone just puts me in and rubs me down. My hair gets washed next, and then an amazing lotion rubdown. My hair gets brushed, and so do my teeth, and then, someone reads a few stories to me as I cuddle up with my best buds, Pooh, Elmo, Baby, Roo, etc. Whoever I feel like cuddling with, they're all there. The very best part would be next... someone lays me in my bed, covers me with a blanket, turns down the lights, and tells me to sleep. Sleep! Sleep for 11-12 hours. They'd even want me to sleep later if I would.

And boy, if I was Alli for a day, I'd definitely take them up on that offer.

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