Thursday, June 28, 2012

10, 20

Yesterday marked Aiden's "10 week birthday" & Alli's "20 month birthday"!

Aiden, at 10 weeks old, you...
  • still don't sleep. Unless someone is holding you. Namely, Dad-E. You sleep wonderfully on his chest. But, that doesn't work at night.
  • are very smiley and content a lot of the time. Except when you're tired but you can't get comfortable. That's hard on all of us.
  • adore your big sister... or at least, you put up with her and her craziness. You watch her and follow her with your eyes (as much as you can... she's pretty wild and runs pretty much everywhere)

  • are getting better with your head control, and have tried sitting in the bumbo chair a few times. You still prefer laying on your back at an incline in the boppy pillow.

Alli, at 20 months old, you...

  • count to ten, usually unprompted by us!
  • point to eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, hair, teeth, and more while telling us what each thing is... it's adorable when you "show us" Pooh's nose, ears, eyes, etc... and you brush his teeth and hair before bed each night.
  • are a great big sister. When Aiden is crying, you always say, "baby sad!" You say "bye bye baby" and give him a kiss every night before bed. I hope you do that forever.
  • love feeding Scarlett. It's your new favorite. You take the scoop in one hand and grab a handful of dog food with the other hand (???) and put it in her dish, say "yaayyy food woof woof!" and run to grab "moooore!"

You both do so much to amaze us (and confuse us, frustrate us, and make us crazy) every day, but, I really do think our lives wouldn't be complete without both of you in them. We love you both!

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