Thursday, June 7, 2012


It's safe to say that poor Aiden has had a pretty rough first 7 weeks of life. He seems to be uncomfortable a lot, and when my mom was down here (again... yes.. she drove 12 hours by herself again because her poor daughter was having a meltdown!) she firmly suggested we take him back to the doctor. We started the Zantac about a week ago now, and I can definitely see improvement. He spits up a LOT less, he is more comfortable, less squirmy, and has times where he'll just "chill" and "relax" on the mat, in his swing, in the stroller, etc. I've caught a few smiles on camera, and we're seeing more and more each day how happy of a baby he can be, thank goodness! I am hoping the worst days are behind us. Now, if he'd only get the memo to sleep more through the night...

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