Monday, June 11, 2012

Things I learned this weekend

1. Cleaning out a child potty is eerily similar to a bedpan... which I'm obviously a pro at, being a nurse. (On a positive note, me cleaning it out obviously means it was used...!! Alli stood up after her bath, said "poop!", and we promptly put her on the potty. It was actually a tiny bit more complicated, but we'll leave it at that. She was praised for telling us she had to go, and she is learning more and more each day!)

2. Sleeping for 5-6 hours straight feels like 12 hours when you're "used to" 2-3 hours for the past 8 weeks.

3. Smiles, coos, babbles, and sweet big sister kisses are wonderful things to witness. Especially if all you're used to lately is crying.

4. Always make sure you bring wipes to the pool. And if you realize you don't have them, either position yourself conviently next to another couple with kids in diapers, or, make the trip back home to get them. Yes, it's that important.

5. Every baby is so different. It doesn't matter that we just went through this baby stage very recently. Aiden is so different than Alli. He likes to be held differently. He likes to fall asleep differently. Oh, this list could go on. But, we're learning.

6. Getting the grocery shopping done on Thursday is wonderful. Not having to worry about going to the grocery over the weekend was very refreshing to me. I enjoyed it.

7. Alli is destined to be a gymnast. Or something acrobatic. She tumbles on our bed and our couch like she's competing to be in the Olympics. She's so determined and dedicated to what she wants to do (or, some may call it stubborn). She does a somersault almost all by herself... she really has no fear. (great!)

8. Never be afraid to admit you need help. In life, in explosive poop situations where I'm flagging Dad-E down out back while he's cutting the grass to help me clean up Aiden's royal mess, etc...

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