Thursday, May 31, 2012


As Followers can easily tell, Mommy B and I's posts have become less and less frequent since Child #2 entered the world. This is no slight to A-man, as there is plenty going on with him to post about. Rather, we're both so busy with two kids (and me with work) that we hardly have time for anything we used to do for fun anymore... blogging included. So let me try to recap things as of late...

Alli is reaching such a cute age. She says "Bye!" to everything now... her bath-time Pooh Bear and Elmo, her bed-time Pooh Bear, her car-ride Pooh and Elmo (can you tell who her favorites are?) We even walked by her sippy cup on her way to bed and she said "Bye cup!" She makes the sound of just about any animal you show to her... her favorite being a pig (I'm not sure why). She can count to 10 with some help, and can mimic almost all the letter sounds as well. She'll even pick up numbers and letters in the bathtub and make the sound without us prompting her. It's just astounding how much they teach her at school and how much she picks up.

She is so curious about everything and wants to learn so much. She hardly cares for her toys these days, and would rather pull all the books off the shelf and flip through every single one. If a toy plays music, she does hand motions along with them - such as "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She likes dancing when music comes on too. Just last weekend Dirty Dancing came on TV and she started dancing with the actors... even spinning around on her own when Patrick Swayze twirled Jennifer Grey across the dance floor. She has also become so ticklish, and I can't resist tossing her on the bed before her bath and getting my daily giggle-fix.

We took her swimming last weekend at the neighborhood pool, and she's starting to take to the water more and more. She enjoys standing in the shallow end of the pool and wading out just deep enough so her toes still touch the bottom. Once she goes too far, the life jacket takes over and bobs her up and down like a buoy. She doesn't like getting splashed, but I think she'll be ready to put her whole head under pretty soon. We'll have to see how that goes!

Aiden has been keeping Mommy B and I on our toes. He has been spitting up a lot lately - after almost every feeding. We'll try to feed him more to make up for what he just spewed out, but he just seems uncomfortable and not happy about the whole situation. It's made sleeping (for everyone) rather difficult, so we took him to the doctor's  yesterday to see what was wrong. The doctor thinks he could have some bad acid reflux and prescribed some infant Zantac to help things out. Mommy B is also going dairy-free for a few days to see if that helps at all. He slept very well last night and seemed in a better mood this morning too. Hopefully this stuff starts to kick in soon so he can be back to his happy baby-self.

He's losing his hair and is practically bald at the moment. Hopefully that means the real stuff will be growing in soon! I'm anxious to see if he'll be a blond-bomber like his sister has become, or if it'll be a little darker. I'm going to guess we have another blond on our hands, as that's how I was (and my siblings were) when we started off. He has very dark blue eyes at the moment, and I'm curious to see if they get lighter or not. I guess only time will tell.

He's starting to hate bath time less and less. When we put him in there now, he actually seems pretty content to hang out in the warm water and get a full scrub down. It's not until we take him out that he gets mad... but all is well once we dry him off and zip up the pj's. He's also starting to put down some bottles - I was able to get him to down 4 oz the other night (without spitting up!) and he went right back to sleep. He weighed in at 11 lbs yesterday at the doctor's... I don't think Alli weighed 11 lbs until she was over 2 months old! Mommy B thinks that he'll catch up to her pretty soon, and could be sharing diapers if we don't get her potty-trained pretty quickly.

Well I think that should do it, Followers. I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting, but combine the lack of sleep with the busy work schedule and you get a pretty fuzzy memory. We'll try to do better next month...

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