Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I feel like it's been so long since I posted, I don't know where to start. Aiden is three weeks old today and on a nightly basis is reminding Mommy B and I how difficult the newborn stage can be. He's actually been very good compared to some babies, but having a newborn is still one of the hardest things to do in life. He's constantly wanting to be fed which makes things hard on a nursing mother. The constant eating means constant waking up, feeding, burping, cleaning his spit-up, changing his diaper and usually feeding again. This equates to not much sleep for Mommy B.

She's been so gracious as to let me sleep through much of it because she knows I have to get up with Alli every morning at 6am (including weekends), get her dressed and off to daycare and myself to work, then pick her up and usually give her a bath and put her to bed each workday. But I've been trying to help late at night/early in the morning to take care of Aiden too. I know the sleep deprivation can quickly begin taking its mental toll on a person, and I'm trying to alleviate that as much as possible for Mommy B. We're still working our system out to see what will work best for everyone. Even with a second child, it's a work in progress.

The good news is that Aiden is getting cuter every day. As a veteran parent, I can tell you first-hand that newborns are rarely "cute". For the first two to three weeks after birth, no baby is very good-looking. Alli wasn't model-material when she was born and needless to say Aiden wasn't either (especially being a little early). But he's growing into his body slowly but surely. He's not as wrinkly as he was before, and is opening his eyes and looking around all the time now. It's so great to see him looking back at me when I hold him now. While he may not fully understand who I am at the moment, the facial recognition starts kicking in soon and I know it'll just be a matter of time. He's starting to hate bath time less and less, which is good because it's less stressful on Mommy B and I. I remember Alli didn't like the bath for a while at first, but she has grown to love it. Especially since her Aunt Bacon and Uncle Zack sent her a waterproof Pooh Bear to have in the bath with her - she's excited to go in there now!

It's crazy to see the differences between them already. When Alli was that young, she would scream at us when she was hungry. Aiden doesn't fuss that much when he's hungry - just grunts and squirms around a lot. Alli has never been one to fuss when she has a wet or dirty diaper. Even to this day she'll run around with a full load in her pants and could care less. Aiden will start whining when his diaper gets wet (or dirty), which I guess I could understand given that he has more "stuff" down there to get uncomfortable. He seems much more laid back than she was (and is)... but then again it could be because Mommy B and I are more laid back with him since we have a better understanding of what we're doing this time around. I certainly hope he's a chill guy, I don't know if I can handle two toddlers with Alli's energy.

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