Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven Month Stats

Well, we were in the car driving 10 hours up to Cincinnati on the day Alli Ru "turned" seven months, so we weren't able to update with her stats, but here we go :o)

Oh and trust me, a long update post will come later (hopefully from Dad-E since he's such a great writer), about our lovely trip home...

Anyway... Miss Alli has just amazed us more and more every day, if that's even possible. She is into EVERYthing, we can't hold onto any non-baby item without her wanting to grab it and check it out as well. She wants to GO so bad, she is scooting and twisting and rolling all over the place... but hasn't quite put it all together into crawling yet. She has definitely conquered sitting up on her own, which is huge! We never realized how big of a deal it is or how nice it is to have her be able to do this, but it has been wonderful to just sit her on the ground and not have to spot her or hold her steady the entire time. It's great! She babbles and talks all the time, only things we can really make out are "dada" and "baba", other than that, it's all her own language, but it make sense to her! She still loves to dance, gives kisses on the cheek (soo sweet), and pulling hair is also a fave... because it's "sooo funny" (to her, not us).

The Stats:
Weight: Not sure, had no doc visit this month, we'd guess probably around 16 lbs?

Diaper Size: 2's still, could probably get into 3's but we have two huge boxes of 2's left, so we'll see...
Clothing Size: 6-9 month and 9 month sleepers for sure for the length
Shoe Size: 2's are still big, but 1's are too small, soo.. 1 and 1/2? :o)
Food: We're all Similac now, and three "meals" a day - plus puffs and rice rusks and oh just anything, Alli has yet to find something she doesn't like...
Naps: About an hour and a half in the AM and usually two hours in the afternoon
Sleep: Asleep for the night by 7:30pm and up around 5:30 or 6
Teeth: Three...and let me tell you, great timing on this 3rd tooth coming in.. her top right front tooth came in while we were in Ohio, yay for a fun teething baby!
Sounds: Dada, baba, this awful noise that sounds like she's dying or choking but she laughs while she's doing it, not sure what that's about...? And lots of other "talking" to herself..
Play: Jumperoo, riding on daddy's shoulders, walks in the stroller and wagon at gma's house (we probably need one now too!), and still anything that's not a baby toy.
New buddies: She met a lot of friends this trip home... Hailey, Owen, Leander, Austin, Matthew, Mitchell, Cohen!

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  1. Aw, she's growing so fast! We can't wait to see her again!