Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trip to Ohio: Part 4

Because on Thursday, Alli's 3rd tooth (the top right incisor) decided to begin pushing it's way through. Wonderful. This trip has had been the epitome of bad timing. We had an afternoon of picture-taking planned with Grandma C's friend again (just of Alli - because Mommy B and I have enough pictures of ourselves). When Alli woke up from her afternoon nap, she started getting pretty fussy. We decided to get ourselves dressed and get the pictures taken as quickly as possible before Alli changed our plans. We headed over to Donnell Pond behind The University of Findlay's (and Findlay High School's) football stadium and began Alli's photo shoot. She actually did very well, even though we haven't seen the pictures yet. I think she was happy to be outside in the nice weather and it took her mind off the tooth splitting her gums open.

We were able to wrap up the photo shoot without issue and from what we were able to preview on the digital camera, the pictures looked amazing. Mommy B and I are really anxious to get them back (which I'm sure she'll post soon). Alli was still in a good mood, so we went over to Mommy B's grand-parent's (Alli's great grandparents!) house to visit one last time before heading back to Chucktown. We sat Alli down on a mat in the shade in their front yard when she began Army-crawling around and grabbing the nice grass. I could tell her tooth was still bothering her, but not to the point that she was really fussy and upset.

Once we made it home, Alli started to get very uncomfortable. Just like it had with her first two teeth, the tears and crying began taking its toll on everyone... so we pumped her full of Children's Tylenol and put some Baby Orajel on her top gums. While the drugs were kicking in, we gave her a bath and put her to bed. But as with just about all teething babies, her typical sleep schedule was out the window. We were up every couple of hours to rub more numbing solution on her gums and keeping her on a steady dose of Tylenol. More good times.

Friday morning came and Grandma C was nice enough to take Alli for a walk around the block while Mommy B and I tried to catch a few more Z's. It seems that even if she's not very comfortable, we can strap her into a stroller or get her moving outside and she'll be distracted enough to be content for a while. That afternoon, we met up with a handful of Mommy B's friends from high school. A couple of them have kids of their own around Alli's age, who Alli had a blast playing with while we all caught up with each other. Even though I don't know them that well, it was good to see Mommy B getting to show off her adorable kiddo. We headed home and met up with another one of Grandma C's friends who used to live next door. He and his wife have a son who is a little over 1 year old, and Alli was in awe watching him walk around the living room getting into everything. I think she took a few notes while she was rolling around on the floor...

By that afternoon, I think we had seen just about everyone in the city of Findlay. We put Alli down for her afternoon nap and began packing the car for the trip home. We just hung out with family for the rest of the afternoon and evening to say our goodbyes. Once Alli started getting tired, we jumped in the car and headed back to Cincinnati for the night. Luckily, she slept for the entire drive, and we were able to get her back to sleep rather quickly once we arrived. But remember that Alli's tooth was still working on making its appearance, so once again we were up a couple times through the night to give her more drugs and bottles.

Saturday morning arrived and Alli's tooth finally broke through - which meant the misery was finally over. My mom and I walked around the neighborhood again while Mommy B got some more sleep. Besides being a little (or a lot) tired ourselves, Mommy B and I were just glad that everyone was finally feeling better. That gladness was once again short-lived when Mommy B accidentally locked her keys in her trunk as we were packing things up. Luckily, Super Pops came to the rescue and was able to pick the lock on her car so that we could get inside. I told you, the man can do anything. I was able to pull the back seat down far enough for Mommy B to reach into the trunk and retrieve her keys. Good lord, just get me home. Mommy B and I joked that we just wanted to get home and go back to work so everyone would just be back on a normal schedule

We finally get everything packed and hit the road that afternoon. Luckily the drive was uneventful and we made great time back to Chucktown, getting in around 1am Sunday morning. We were able to get Alli in her bed, get a few things unpacked with just enough energy to flop down on our new bed that had been waiting for us to return. Now that Alli's teething was over, no one was sick anymore and everyone was back in their own beds, we all slept like logs... until about 6am when Alli woke us all up, refreshed as ever, ready to start the day. Sunday was spent unpacking, heading to the grocery store and doing laundry. Alli was back on her normal sleeping schedule, and I think Mommy B and I decided to nap when Alli did.

And THAT was our lovely trip back to Ohio... needless to say I'm not sure we'll be making a trip like that any time soon. It's pretty sad when you're more tired coming back from a "vacation" than before you left.

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