Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trip to Ohio: Part 3

I immediately headed off to the bathroom to begin peeing out my butt. Needless to say, I knew what I was in for... I was in and out of the bathroom enough times before Mommy B and I went to bed that I decided to bite the bullet and sleep on the couch for the night. This strategy was two-fold: 1) so that my constant in and out of the bedroom wouldn't disturb a sleeping Alli-Ru (and Mommy B) who were both finally feeling better and wanted some sleep, and 2) so that I would have more-direct access to the bathroom in the event the flood gates opened later on.

My father's intuition was right. I was up every couple of hours to roll off the couch and head into the bathroom where I got to repeatedly "break-in" Grandma C's new commode. After my midnight visit, I felt so awful that I emptied the trash can and brought it back out to the couch with me. At around 2am (again, the times begin to blur together) I headed back into the bathroom that Grandma C had just remodeled and promptly filled both receptacles. I haven't been that sick in a long, long time. Having that mess come out both ends at the same time is an experience that I hope I don't have to experience many more times in my life.

OK, enough with the grossness, yeah? Luckily, I only threw up that once, but the watery-butt didn't end for another day or so. The next day (Memorial Day), I spent mostly in bed. I didn't eat anything all day, which being a Meibers is a rare occasion. That afternoon, Grandma C had almost the entire town of Findlay over to her house for a Memorial Day picnic and to see Alli - or meet her for those who hadn't yet. She even had a friend of her's who dabbles in photography come over to take some candid shots of the family and friends. I was able to muster up enough strength to put on a polo shirt and smile for the camera for about 15 minutes. After that, I went back to bed. I missed just about all the food, friends and festivities because I spent the rest of the afternoon either asleep or in the bathroom. I hear it was a good time...

As shocking as it may sound, the pictures actually turned out fantastic. You could barely tell that I hadn't slept in 3 days and had almost no bodily fluids left in me. Maybe it's a good thing we took most of them in black and white - so you couldn't tell I had no color in my face. Luckily, the time I spent in the bathroom became less and less throughout the night - which was a good sign.

Tuesday rolled around and I was feeling better by the hour. I was actually able to get some food down, yet another good sign that things were on the up and up. We relaxed for the day to get Alli acclimated to the "new place" she was in, and was actually able to have a date night. We let Grandma C get some quality time in with Alli while Mommy B and I saw "Hangover 2" and had dinner at Max & Erma's. Nothing too exciting, but we don't have any M&E's down south and it was where Mommy B and I had our very first date. Alli went to bed at her normal time, and Mommy B and I weren't far behind her. All in all, things were beginning to look sunny for the remainder of the trip. Or so we thought...

At about 4am - Grandma C took her turn bowing down to the porcelain god. She was in and out of the bathroom the rest of the morning, and actually had to call in sick the day after taking vacation. Later that morning, my mom called from Cincinnati and informed me that she had been sick the entire previous day with the exact same symptoms as I had. So... instead of having another date night, we spent the night in with Alli while Grandma C slept it off. Mommy B and I couldn't help but feel guilty, and it wasn't exactly how we anticipated spending our vacation.

Wednesday rolled around and the wolfpack was feeling much better - even Grandma C. Mommy B and I took Alli over to Brittany's dad's house for the afternoon to spend some time there. She really took an interest in Brittany's half-brother Jacob's braces... probably because she's never seen any before. We went out to eat for dinner and Alli naturally stole the show. She is becoming so active and aware of her surroundings that she just wants to get into everything. Even my water glass at the table wasn't safe from her curiosity and grabbing hands. I'm really glad to see that she's taking everything in because it's the best way for her to learn about the world around her.

We called it a night and I think we finally had our first decent-night's sleep of our trip... but it was short-lived, once again...

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