Monday, June 6, 2011

Teared up

Well, too much occurred on our road trip this past weekend to put into a single blog post, so I'll have to spread it out over a couple. However, given that I didn't check my work email all week while I was out - I've got more than enough to dig through at the moment. That being the case, I'll leave you all with this quick post for the time being.

There is a sports columnist in Cincinnati that has written for the local newspaper for many years... probably long enough for my parents to recall his beginnings. Ever since I moved to Charleston over 4 years ago, I've been following his column and (more importantly) his blog to keep myself up to date on sports news from a town that has real sports teams. And by real, I mean professional. Even though the Bengals can hardly be considered "professional" given their performance as of late...

Anyway, each day on his blog he posts a link to a video of some type of song. Could be something he heard on the radio that day or a lost gem from decades past. Either way, I'll typically give it a listen to see how it strikes me. He has a daughter with Down Syndrome, but she managed to obtain a degree from Northern Kentucky University and will be starting a part-time job as a teacher's assistant this fall. A college degree and a job? That's more than lots of folks have these days who aren't fighting a disability every single moment of their life.

A couple days ago, he posted this one. While I certainly can't relate to the Down Syndrome part of this columnist's life, Paul Simon's "Father and Daughter" got me all teared up anyway. For those fathers out there who have ever witnessed your significant other suffer for hours to bear your baby girl, give this song a listen. For those who have spent countless sleepless nights awake with your baby girl to make sure she falls asleep safe and warm, for those who have been walking the aisles at 3:30am for Children's Tylenol, for those who have ever dropped your little girl off at her first day of daycare, for those that have heard her giggle the first time you put her on your shoulders and walked around with her clinging to your hair, and for those who have ever rocked your baby girl to sleep on your shoulder because you knew that nothing else would do - lend this song your ear.

I believe a light that shines on you will shine on you forever

And though I can't guarantee there's nothing scary hiding under your bed

I'm gonna stand guard like a postcard of a Golden Retriever

And never leave 'till I leave you with a sweet dream in your head...

I'm gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow

Gonna paint a sign so you'll always know

As long as one and one is two (wooo)

There could never be a father who loved his daughter more than I love you...

More on the Griswold family vacation to the O-H coming soon.

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  1. That made me tear up reading it, I bet it would make a great Father-Daughter dance song ;)