Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Army Now...

This morning before Eric left for work, Alli was laying on the rug in our living room as usual, doing her "Superman pose" (seen below...) She usually lays like this and just flops around, wiggling, squirming, rolling all over, but not going forward yet. Today, she saw something she really wanted. We have been trying to put her favorite toys ahead of her so she'll go toward them, but apparently, nothing is that exciting to work for... except Scarlett's toys!! She got an eye on Scarlett's toy bin, and she was off. Pulling herself with her arms and dragging her body like a wounded soldier, she's definitely perfecting her army crawl! I have videos on my phone, but I've realized I have no memory card for it, so I'll be purchasing one soon so we can post videos as well. We're so proud of her, and we can tell she's proud of herself too. It won't be long now until we're really in trouble... and chasing her all over the place...

These are her usual "Superman poses", but we've been starting to get a lot more of these as well:
Ya know, poses that look like she's actually going to use those arms for something other than flying! :o)

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  1. She looks like she's going to be repping out pushups any day now!