Monday, June 27, 2011

Eight Month Stats

What an amazing time month #7 turned out to be! Alli has learned and discovered so much this month, and we're learning that we should have started baby proofing everything weeks ago! This month, as Dad-E mentioned, 3 teeth came through, all on the top, to add to her precious bottom two teeth. I LOVE those bottom two teeth on all babies, they are so adorable! Alli's little cousin Max has his two teeth showing now and they are just too cute too, I love it! Anyway, besides getting teeth about once a week, Alli has perfected the army crawl, and as of today, perfected the regular crawl as well. She was crawling all over the place today on her hands and knees... she just amazes us. One day she's not doing something that much or that often, the next day, she's doing it like she's done it for years. She pulls up on everything, as Dad-E also mentioned, and seeing her standing there in the crib waiting for us is just heart melting. She loves playing, getting into anything that's not a baby toy, "dancing", and still gives kisses (still a sweet girl for now!).

The Stats:
Weight: Not sure, had no doc visit again this month, we'd guess around 16-17 lbs
Diaper Size: Still in 2's
Clothing Size: 6-9 month outfits
Shoe Size: 2's are still big, but 1's are too small, soo.. 1 and 1/2? :o)
Food: Similac bottles, three meals, puffs, mum-mum's, water, and she wants to try just about any and all adult food... I have a feeling she'll be over this "baby food" stuff soon...
Naps: About an hour and a half in the AM and an hour in the afternoon
Sleep: Asleep for the night by 7:30pm and up around 5:30 or 6
Teeth: Five. Good lord, last month when I answered this question, it was only three!
Sounds: Dada, baba, mama (yay!!), and all sorts of other babbles and squeals
Play: Jumperoo, "car" toy, her new play mat area where she pulls up on anything, crawling to Scarlett or Scarlett's dog toys, walks, swimming in the neighborhood pool!
New buddies: Fi!!

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