Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

Oh how true this is... I don't even remember the last time we actually needed to set our alarm clock... our precious little alarm clock is right across the hall. Any tips from anyone on how to get her to sleep in (even just a little bit!) would be much appreciated! It seems like it doesn't matter if we put her to bed early (right at 7ish), or late (closer to 8:15ish), she is up right at 6 or before every morning. We love her and all, but geez, we don't need to see her that bright and early every day. And like Dad-E has mentioned previously, now that she is standing right when she wakes up, her projected "talking" that turns into crying if you don't come in the room right away has just gotten louder. Anyone know where the snooze button is on a baby??

1 comment:

  1. Baby Nyquil? Why has no one invented this yet?!